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Emily Wulf,
animal painter LAUSANNE

Based in Lausanne in the Swiss Normandy, Emily Wulf is aanimal painterwho works full time. With her passion for nature, she is particularly fond of animals, their environment and everything that surrounds them. After bathing in the world of graphic design, she embarked on the world ofdigital painting artspecializing in digital and personalized pet portraits.  


Meet the animal painter Lausanne

Born in Switzerland, I was raised with a multi-cultural education in the "international" Geneva. I've always had a high sensitivity, and from a young age, I already had an artistic talent. I won my first drawing contest at 3 years old. From that moment on, I was given the opportunity to develop my creativity. 


My childhood was always full of great times with animals, be it at home or in various natural settings. Moreover, being an emotional person, I came to realise that nothing is more pure than the love an animal can give us.

I was brought up in a computerised environment, which helped me stay very up to date on various technological developments. This made me well versed in computers and various programs. The mix between computer and art seems like an obvious choice in my case. I use the power of amazing programs while still instilling the emotion I want to interpret in my artwork. I am keen to test the latest technologies, ensuring I make the best tailor-made, customised work I can while playing to my strength : Hyper-realism.

Following foreseen events caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, I was forced to redirect my professional life. I didn't realise it at the time, but this was a blessing in disguise. This pushed me to try something new; I don't think I would ever have had the courage to try it otherwise.

I've always been a perfectionist. This made me develop great patience as I need to spend hours working on the same work just to get every little detail just right. I particularly like to translate emotion into my work: love, sincerity, beauty... 

I hope to make all my customers happy with a portrait of their loved one. What drives me is being able to immortalise emotions with my work. For me, nothing is more treasurable than the smile or tear of someone who discovers one of my paintings.

Specialist in digital and personalized pet portraits

Convinced that this is where the emotion is, the painter has chosen to express love, natural beauty, character, but also the personalities of allanimal species, from the small beast to the most ferocious animal, in drawing and painting.


Her works also evoke this relationship between animals, nature, her environment and humans.  Thus, one can find in Emily's works, the whole animalbestiary : ranging from scenes ofwild lifeHashunting scenespassing through the breeding scenes. Animals and beasts are painted in all their spontaneity.

Emily Wulf, artiste peintre animalier LAUSANNE

An animal artist at the heart of hyperrealism

The strength of the painter and what makes his signature: thehyperrealism. Emily Wulf uses new technologies and computer programs to offer original animal paintings and nature and hyperrealistic animal portraits.


Self-taught, perfectionist by nature with great attention to detail, she develops great patience in working on her works, but also in finding the best techniques to highlight hercontemporary art. And to conquer the art market, she chose to put emotion in her work: she swears only by pastel realism, for apainting artas real as nature.

What are the mixed techniques used by the animal painter in Lausanne?

As a logical follow-up to his experiences in creating visuals, theanimal painter Lausanneimproves in digital pictorial art. Thus, she works on different digital painting techniques to paint animals of all species, from all universes and from all lifestyles, whetherfarm animals, of thewild animals, of thepetsor the backyard. She does all animal painting using digital techniques.


Also practicing theclassic art, Emily Wulf works with classic paint on watercolor or dry pastel and makesanimal drawingwith raised hand. To work on his portrait, the animal painter first makes his drawing by hand and in black-and-white. Then, she paints on a digital medium using digital painting techniques:

digital watercolor


Theretechnical digital watercoloris used by the painter to reproduce the pigments diluted in water, characteristic of watercolor on paper. This technique offers softness, but also luminosity and brings out emotions with depth. The artist uses digital watercolor to highlight elements of her portrait with a soft result.


The digital pastel


Pastel is a technique much appreciated by theanimal painter Lausanne. She uses it particularly to achieve texturized and unsaturated results. She works a lot with this technique which allows her to obtain hyper-realistic works, much sought after inart fair.

The digital mix


The digital mix, as its name suggests, is a combination of the two techniques ofdigital paintingsused by the animal painter. Emily Wulf goes even further in the combination of 3D creation with artistic painting, by offering this technique. To offer results that are both hyperrealistic and textured, the painter does not hesitate to combine digital watercolors and pastels to appeal to collectors.


classic painting


In addition to digital painting, Emily Wulf also producesclassical painting. She paints animals as well as humans and nature. She works with pastels and classic watercolors, but also in pencil to make her drawings and heranimal paintings.

Emily Wulf, artiste peintre animalier LAUSANNE

Can we get a custom-made and made-to-order animal painting?

Working on his own account, the animal painter Lausanne takes theorders ofdigital animal portraitsthroughout French-speaking Switzerland, whether animalscat paintingOrdog painting.  Most of his works are unique and personalized. Very often, it is his customers who place specific orders according to their needs.


The painter works regularly from a model, a photo or adesignbasic. It is very rare that the artist receives real models, or animals at his studio. She then performsreproductionsof these models in total hyperrealism, while adding its own particular touch. Because even if she aims for hyperrealism, she will not work on a model as such.

With her overflowing creativity, Emily Wulf makes sure to always find an axis of personalization in herworks. Because for her, what matters above all is the smile and the tears that these clients sometimes display when they discover her paintings.

Are digital animal portraits already available in Lausanne?

The animal painter Lausanne exhibits his pieces in his online art gallery. Awonderful exhibitionof his works in limited edition is available to all those who are looking for a unique and original decorative object on the theme of the animal. This is an exhibition and sale of exceptional digital and personalized portraits of animals.


Via thevirtual gallery, the buyer has the option ofbuya piece that he can then print on the support of his choice: metal, canvas, acrylic, fabric, on paper, on ceramics, posters, etc.

Emily Wulf, artiste peintre animalier LAUSANNE

What kind of animal can the animal painter Lausanne draw?

The works of art of an animal painter can represent thewildlife, game andpets. They can notably illustrate lions, leopards and stags; wild animals with dense fur like panthers and lynxes; as well asthreatened speciessuch as elephants and rhinos. 

Painters can also drawzoo animalsor animals inhunting scenes. With an exceptional talent for depicting color and movement, they have the ability to createworks of artunique with a variety of animals.

How can the works of the digital animal painter be used?

There are many ways to exploit the creative potential of the works of thedigital animal portraitistto decorate your home or office.


Personal exhibition

In love withvisual arts compositions ? If you are an animal lover, you can create your own personal exhibition of artworks.animal artistson the walls of your home or office. The advantage for your decoration is that each piece produced by acontemporary artistis unique and reflects the artist's original vision.


Decorate your house

The works from theArt workshopof an animal painter are also ideal if you want to decorate your home with a personal and unique touch. Indeed, these works ofdecorative Artoften represent realistic scenes that are very easy to assimilate by the viewer. Yourartistic acquisitionsbring natural warmth to your interior spaces. Plus, the vibrant colors and creative patterns will delight even the most discerning connoisseur offigurative art!


Decorate your office

It is also possible to use the works of your animal painter to decorate a professional space such as an office or a waiting room. The rich and varied colors ofillustrationswill transform this place into an inspiring place full of vitality!


Enjoy the unique and authentic style that Emily Wulf brings to each of her animal paintings through her virtual exhibition.

Emily Wulf, artiste peintre animalier LAUSANNE
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