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Emily Wulf is an artist who mostly works digital or pencil mediums. Here, you can have a portrait made, and for digital artworks, have them printed on one of five different support types, each having a unique finishing effect.


I've always been an animal lover, and mixing my passion with my artistic talent was an obvious decision for me. The global pandemic cornered me job-wise, which gave me the courage to live my passion as a professional artist.

Now I can focus on doing what I love : embedding emotions into my drawings and paintings.

I hope to make all my customers happy with a portrait of their loved one. What drives me is being able to immortalise emotions with my work. For me, nothing is more treasurable than the smile or tear of someone who discovers one of my paintings.

Drawing Styles

Digital Watercolour

Dessin digital à l'aquarelle de Hugo

Watercolour gives a bright, soft and colourful look to the paintings. It is associated with "droplets" as a visual effect.

Pencil Drawing

Dessin au crayon gris de Naomi

Various pencils allow for intense greyscale contrasts. This is perfect if you want a more dramatic or noir look.

Digital Pastel

Pastel digital de chat blanc

Pastels are soft in color and thick in substance, resulting in a very textured look. This makes it look very close to classical pastel.

Oil Painting

Digital mixte de Véronique et sa meute de Huskies


Mixed Digital

Digital mixte de Fjäll et Morgan

This consists in mixing any other techniques, making it easy to texture different elements and resulting in a very realistic look.


Gift Ideas

Artboard 3.jpg
Digital Watercolor 20x30

This is the perfect voucher for a gift to an animal lover! Close to an A4 size portrait, the watercolor technique gives a soft and colorful result. (400Chf)

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If you have any questions or if you are interested in discussing a project, please contact me for more information or a quote.


+41 79 338 84 76


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