Gift Ideas

If you want to give someone you love a nice gift, here are a few ideas. If you're not sure what that person might like, I suggest getting them a voucher so they can then have the choice of the artwork.

Artboard 3.jpg

Digital Watercolor 20x30

This is the perfect voucher for a gift to an animal lover! Close to an A4 size portrait, the watercolour technique gives a soft and colourful result. (400Chf)

ozora_3 (1)-Recovered.jpg

Digital Pastel 20x30

Your loved ones will love this voucher! Close to an A4 size portrait, the pastel technique has a textured and realistic touch. (400Chf)


50 - 2500 chf voucher

Give your loved one the possibility to choose any style and support for an artwork.

Give one painting's worth, or part of it.